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The War We Fight

     It’s veterans day and rightfully so we honor and celebrate those that have served and fought for our country.  I myself served in the Marine Corps and even though I don’t look like that guy anymore, I’m proud to be part of this brotherhood.  Agree or disagree with ideas and beliefs, when push comes to shove a Marine will back another Marine.

     Discipleship isn’t much different.  When discipleship is done right, relationships will not only deepen in Christ but they will grow in depth with those people involved.  I have some great friends that I’ve done a lot of life with, a lot of discipleship with, but let’s be honest, life is tough sometimes. 

     I’m constantly learning how to do this, I have to.  Circumstances and people are different and if I treat everyone the same, every situation the same, I’ll be ineffective as a leader and a mentor.  Here’s something I’ve learned to be true, in most cases religion wants neat, clean answers but discipleship requires walking through messy life towards biblical answers. 

     In a recent conversation I was having with one of these friends we were talking about some difficulties our team.  We were talking through some solutions, some ideas, and direction we were heading and my friend said,

     “this is going to be hard.”

     My response was,

     “yes, war is.  There will be wounds, maybe even casualties but we pick ourselves, and our wounded up, and fight on.”

     This is what discipleship looks like much of the times, messy.  My team has learned to trust each other, you want to know why?  We’ve fought together.  To quote Shakespeare, “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
 For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.”  Just like in the Marines, you learn to trust the guy next to you on the line.  To fight for that brother.  We understand the fight we live in but more than that we understand that the fight is coming at each of us and we’re there to support and fight for one another.  They know that as their leader I won’t put them in “harms way” without reason and as their leader, I know I can trust each of them just as a general trusts his captains.

     Do you have people in your life you trust?  I mean really trust, like with your heart, with your life?  That’s hard to be in that place.  Some of my team, especially those I’m closer to, I’ve walked with for five or more years.  It takes time to develop that type of trust.  I encourage you to have some honest conversations with people you lead and those that lead you and to fight on.

Fight on and Semper Fi… always faithful.

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