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Don't Get Comfortable Here

Comfort can be a tricky thing if you're not careful.  Recently my leadership team and I started noticing some trends we weren't too excited about and started asking the tough questions and having the tough conversations.  What was going on?  Why are some of these things happening?Are we doing something wrong?  Every leader has found themselves there at some time or another.  It's not fun.

Throughout those conversations we quickly realized something: we, as the leaders, had not only gotten comfortable with where we were but also had started generating apathy to what we were doing.  We got lazy.  Really cool things were happening.  We were having awesome dialog about scripture and really living the life of a forgiven person.  It was really great!  But something still wasn't right.  During one of our meetings Elisabeth, one of our student leaders spoke up and called it.  "We've just stayed in the box way too long.  We used to always try different things and be innovative but now we're routine."  It was a truth that cut straight to us all but also a breath of fresh air.  It's like we knew it but couldn't speak it out.  Once it was out there though we all knew it to be true and immediately moved to what do we need to do to get back and began praying God's favor on us.

Let me give you a quick side note.  During this time we were still teaching the gospel, we were still getting out into our community and serving, and we were still walking in discipleship.  That wasn't the problem.  We just weren't excited about it...

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best."

We had stopped striving for creative or innovative and were, for some reason, good with routine.  This post is not meant to build us up or to tear us down but hopefully stand as a warning of sorts to others.  Be cautious, never stop striving for greater things.  If we're not excited about the gospel, not excited about discipleship we need to ask ourselves what are we doing?

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