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Leadership Training At Any Level

     I'm not sure about you but when I think leadership training or development I think suits, boardrooms, CEO's, CFO's, executives, managers, and the like.  Traditionally, this is exactly the picture of leadership development.  Not only that, it becomes a very expensive endeavor.  

     Why is only for these?  We expect people to be leading at a high level before we consider giving them training to be leaders.  I'm not saying we should develop leadership skills in these.  What if leadership development started sooner.  What might a CEO look like if his or her leadership training began at sixteen instead of forty-six?

     At Ordinary, that is truly our heart.  We want to serve and support churches, ministries, and others in leadership strategies and development.  We want to provide cost-effective, easy access leadership training for many, not the elite.  We have the great privilege of working with students and those that work with students to introduce these ideas of leadership, even at a base level, to them at a young age and set them on a path of digging for more.  Leaders don't settle.  In a world where not much is expected from teenagers and young adults, we push them for more.  The day will come when they are expected to lead but how will they if they don't know?  How will they lead if they've never been shown how?

    How can we serve you?  How can we support you in developing leaders that work within your ministry or organization?  It's an honor to do so!

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