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The church doesn't have a mission

I came across this quote a couple years ago: "The church doesn't have a mission.  There is the mission and she has the church."

I've spent a lot of time on this, pondering it's heart.  On Wednesday night's our student ministry has been journeying through understanding biblical worship.  It's been an incredible series.  It's got me thinking though, about what worship looks like in church settings.  What it should and shouldn't look like.  Some of this also came from some material I was reading at the time from an organization a friend of mine is a part of called 10,000 Fathers, which is a discipleship based worship school. (quick plug - check them out at

I wasn't able to stop there though.  If you stop and think about what comes to mind when you say "worship leader" or "worship service," many times youth ministry is a little too similar.  It becomes about lights and pumping music, fans and feelings, and programs that "look" good.  They become more about great concerts or great experiences than the great commission.  Now let me be clear, I'm not against lights and music but they are far from a necessity for worship or student ministry.  If "there is a mission and she has the church," how does this play out in these settings with worship and student ministry.

The answer is the mission, "go and make disciples."  Sure, have the house lights low and the stage lights bright.  Sure, have the music up.  But make sure your worship leader is walking with and connecting to those they are seeking to lead in worship.  Are they reproducing themselves in the team they are working with?  Is your student ministry creating a "cool environment" to attract students but not creating an environment where discipleship is key?

Let us never look at numbers in our services and think it's a success because the room is full.  That the mission of going and making disciples of all nations has us, the church to make it happen.  What an incredible calling and opportunity towards kingdom impact.

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