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This all stems from a teaching series I'm currently developing.  There are many words and ideas over the years that have been hijacked for the lack of a better word.  That have come to either mean something they were never meant to or like currency, there's been some type of inflation causing those words to be worth less.  Think about how we sling certain words around with little regard to their meaning.  

We seem to love tacos, our wives, and God.  We throw the word Christian around as a label for everything from music and movies to people.  Church has become a location or a building instead of a spirit led, spirit fed movement.  Not to say anything of words like missions, faith, or family.

Let me very clear, this isn't a call for redefining these words.  I'm afraid natural erosion has done that for us, this is a call to reclaim these words.

What if?  What if we actually stopped and thought about what the words we say mean?  More than that, what if we actually lived as if these words, our words, had the power we used to believe they did?  What if I called someone a Christian because they actually were a "little Christ" instead of a church attender?

I'm not saying I get this right, in fact I'd venture to say it's the opposite and I miss the mark more time than I get it.  I am saying that I'm seeking to do this and I'm inviting anyone who may read this to join me.  As David Platt says in "Radical" - taking back our faith from the American dream, let's reclaim our faith.

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