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Discipleship and State Farm Commercials

I love those State Farm commercials!  You know the ones with the exact same dialog happening but with very different scenarios and very different results.  My favorite is the one with the Green Bay Packers, a golf club through a window, and Clay Matthews with a mouthful of cheese.

Sometimes I feel the same is true when we talk discipleship.  That's a word that is prevalent in the church, any church.  We talk about discipleship events, programs, and teachers.  It feels like we're saying the same words but not having the same conversations.

Let me be clear, I believe in these things but only as a springboard to the relational.  If we look at discipleship as Christ did it, we have to stop and think immersion.  Yeah, as in baptism.  That is a big reason I say the words leadership and discipleship are interchangeable., in giving our students or people opportunities to lead, they are being immersed in discipleship and may not even realize it.  They, the disciples and Christ, did life together and yes there was teaching and seeing but there was also doing. 

What if we did life with those we're seeking to disciple in that way?  

I think the biggest hang up when we look to discipleship programs or events is too often we want them on our time and in our way.  We use Sunday school, small groups, disciple now weekends, and summer camps as our primary discipleship tools.  These are all important things but until we are willing to take the conversation beyond the walls of our own church building, the "discipleship" ends when that event does.  Yes, to do life at this level with someone is messy and costly and even hard at times.  That's the cost of truly pouring into someone, you.  You get to show them life, all of it.  The good and the bad but who are they going to turn to when their own lives begin to crumble, the one who pretended to have it all together but ultimately never really invested in them or the one who was real and gave all.

If you're looking for a nicely wrapped, clean cut, and easy way towards this, discipleship may not be what you're after.  As I said earlier, it's tough at times but I assure you, it's worth it when you begin to see someone you've walked with connect the dots and live it out.