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Messy, Messy, Messy

I have heard it said and said it many times myself that discipleship is messy. It is walking with messy people towards wholeness in Christ.  That statement is more true today than ever before and for anyone who has been around church any time, you know it to be true as well.  Discipleship is walking towards messes.  The thing is, the more you walk towards messes, the more mess you track through your life.  I want to share a part of another blog I wrote on September 13, 2013 entitled “How Strong Is Strong.”

 This morning I found myself with my head in my hands, sobbing uncontrollably.  I was emotionally undone.  My response, especially being a man, was to try to hide, wipe away, or to be strong.  I couldn’t though, it was as if the thunderstorms of my mind had cut loose.  If you’re honest, you’ve probably found yourself in a similar situation at some point.  In that moment I asked myself the typical ‘what’s wrong with me’ and ‘why am I crying like this’ questions.  Shortly into this, Christ spoke to me with incredible joy, “you are in the right place.  You’ve poured yourself out to others to the point of emotional exhaustion.”

      I’ve known, spoke about, and tried to live out this idea that discipleship is messy but there has rarely been a time when I’ve poured into one or two as intently as I have over this past week.  I say these things with great humility in the hopes that it encourages you.  We must pour ourselves until emotional emptiness.  The gospels are full of examples of Christ doing this, all the way to the point of death.  We must pour ourselves out as offerings over those we serve, love, and lead.”

I still remember that day well.  When I wrote this blog I was cleaning up from a football breakfast.  I was tired and obviously had given a lot emotionally to a couple of students.  It was a great day!  I find it interesting how often the words breakdown and breakthrough walk a very fine line together and are almost interchangeable.

We're messy people walking with other messy people towards wholeness.  Have a breakdown once in a while, it may lead to a breakthrough.

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