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A Culture of Honor

Last night in our Wednesday night services we had the chance to celebrate, bless, and honor one of our student leaders that's heading off to work for Generate Camps this summer. (check them out at if you need a killer summer camp)  It was a really cool night hearing from Kaitlyn, spending some time praying for her, and then blessing her as she embarks on this incredible opportunity.  I truly hope she felt honored.

It got me thinking though.  How does a leader create a culture where those on their team feel honored, not only in the big moments, but year round.  Here's a few thoughts I'd like to leave you with.


One of the coolest ways to honor someone is to celebrate the good things in their lives, whether it's within your organization or outside it.  Let them know they matter first as an individual instead of just another cog in the machine that is your organization.  We try to share stories and brag on each other when we see something cool going on in someone's life.  We call them "yay God" moments because we recognize that in honoring that person, we're really celebrating God in them.


Right after our prayer time and as we being to wrap up our time last night, I had Kaitlyn up front with me and had her look around the room.  I reminded her of the lasting impact she has had on our student ministry.  She may never know this side of eternity how great that impact is.  During her talk she shared about another former student leader of mine, Kaitlyn's family group leader.  When I got home God prompted me to text that young lady to remind her of the lasting impact she's had, not only because of Kaitlyn but the impact her life has had on our student ministry.  Impact is lasting when it's not for or of yourself and it's awesome to be able to celebrate that!


As leaders, one of the greatest things we can do is empower those we lead.  To give ownership of their own organization or ministry is crucial.  That means we must give them permission to give their ideas and then we must listen to them.  We have had some really cool series, videos, and activities that have come from students and they're excited about that.  To lean over to their friend during the video and say I made this or to thank one of them for the teaching series you're in the middle of honors them well.

I owe a lot of credit to my pastor and leadership on modeling this well.  I want to always work towards a culture of honor and building each other up.  What does a culture of honor look like for you in your organization?

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