Eric Foshee Ministries




Eric loves partnering with and supporting the local church.  One of the ways he seeks to do this is by going into faith communities and having conversations about how leadership and discipleship might look there.  Eric's desire is to help and support that body, not seek to change the way they do ministry.   He wants biblical, real life answers for that body.

Coaching looks different from organization to organization but it could look as simple as a meeting with the youth pastor/leader or a weekend seminar or workshop with leadership.  Some things that have been effective are:

  • meeting with youth pastor/leaders
  • meeting with church staff/pastors
  • seminars with student/adult leadership
  • leadership retreats
Its incredibly refreshing to see a Youth Pastor like Eric Foshee, that has such an amazing passion to disciple middle school and high school students. His passion and vision is strategic in developing church leaders and teenagers in becoming HIS leaders, and putting them on the path to truly becoming HIS disciples.
— Rick A. Mills, Director of FUEL Youth Ministry Specialties